Brand Identity Reputation

Welcome on our homepage !

Why ? What ?

Spice Com agency is an agency who allow at the differents enterprises to grow up over the long term. The speciality of the agency is the branding and the reputation on each enterprise. Because for Spice Com the most important is the notority of our agency so we want to give for the help the others enterprises who want to expand their image in front of the consumer society.

Who can ask help at Spice Com Agency ?

All the enterprises who want to grow up their image and understand the process of the branding, we can help all of the enterprises if they know their goal on over the long term.

Who manage this branding agency ?

We are a girl team in Spice com !


Hello, I’m Laura, the founder and CEO of the Spice Com agency. The idea was to create an agency whose purpose is to improve brand’s identity and reputation. We work in common to get the best of each companies we work with.



Hi everyone, my name is Manon and I’m twenty. I work for Spice Com Agency as Marketing Strategist, since the beginning. Marketing Strategist is a complicated word to define my job : My main aim is to create a complete marketing strategy for the agency.


Hello I am Juliette Jaouen, I’m 22, and I’m the creative director of Spice Com Agency. I represent the agency’s creative potential concerning the communication and advertising. To do so, I oversee the creative team in terms of ideas and projects implementation.



Hello ! My name is Solenn Turquier, i’m 19 years old. I am the Digital Director of Spice Com Agency. My job consists of setting digital strategies up. I focus on strategies and SEO content online.

Hello ! Who I am ? My name is Marine Delemarre, I’m 19 years old. For Spice Com I work as SEO consultant & Community Manager, my job consist to be faster than my team on the virtual world. I have an uncondicially love for junk food and music.